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We are the Swedish Family Company that produce biological, sustainable, non-poison, slippery free products. Free from investors and overhead costs.  Caring for humans, yogis, nauture - with a wish to give back to all teachers working daily spreading the Positive Circles of yoga!

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What is OOO?

OOO"Keep YourCircles Positive"

Maybe you think: - Hey you! You spelled the karma quote wrong!No. Our quote is a flirt with the original karma quote "Keep your cirle positive". We have the same aim and goal. To make all people think about doing their best for the world. Both physically and mentally. Our Brand is the OOO. We would like you to keep on practicing yoga and hold your circles positive - to create a better world.

"Keep Your Circles Positive"

- By being an owner of an OOO yoga product, you show the rest of the world that you care about: Nature, Humans, Sustainability and Yourself.

Thank you for spreading the positive circles!

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A stranger is just a friend you do not know yet. We are always open to get in touch with you - either to help you or to get helped by you - Together we can make things happen! We are waiting for you!

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

For us it is natural & self-evident to manufacture products that works perfectly! When you yoga, you want a nice cushioning yoga mat with a super grip - Here you are!!

Biological Products

Of course, we do everything we can to protect nature and you as human. We all really have to take responsibility for our planet, therefor we have already been making the choice for you by producing as biological as possible.

Non Toxic Products

To practice yoga on toxic products is not an option. It would be completely wrong. We ensure that the products do not come with unnecessary toxins. For your health and for the environment.

Contributing to Yoga

"Helping you who help others" - For us it is important to take care of our yoga teachers and yoga studios that contribute to your health & well-being every day. Our fOOOnds give back to the yoga and the society.

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